Seeking a better life does not come easy, there are many things one must sacrifice to pursue a better upbringing for themselves and loved ones. These two women packed their bags and left loved ones behind to better their future no matter what challenges came in their way.


Cerritos’s College graduation is next week on May 24 and it should and will be a day of congratulation for all the hard work accomplished by these graduates.

I will be one of those graduates obtaining my Associate’s degree in Journalism and as the day is getting closer the excitement…

Finals are approaching and the stress is on. What does not help is professors assigning unnecessary work a week before finals.

Students studying inside the Cerritos College library.

They should let us students focus the biggest test of the whole semester. …

Distracted Driving Awareness Month is an important because most people have at least one habit that can be dangerous while driving. Most people are aware of texting and driving as a commonality. You should also be aware of other forms of distracted driving like loud music, eating, using makeup, and rubber-necking that you may not even realize that you do. With that, there are also alternative actions you can take to prevent yourself from performing these potentially dangerous acts. Students and staff at Cerritos College express their feelings and experiences with distracted driving.

Photo: Lil

Teaching young children to be bilingual and culturally aware helps shape who they are and educates them about their culture. It can be hard to do both in a fast-paced world, but Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein have made it fun and easy.

These two women are the founders of…

Interview with Maria
Maria De Elias in Zumba wear. March. 2019. Photo by: Marilyn Parra

Being a full-time accountant, mother, wife, and part-time Zumba instructor sounds like a hectic schedule filled with ups and downs but for Maria De Elias this is all part of her daily life that she loves deeply.

While managing her multiple jobs De Elias never forgets to…

Marilyn Parra

Hello, I love writing about any thing entertainment and sharing great LA based stories on Spanish culture.

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